Finding CMBS loans in San Antonio, TX can be challenging for local commercial real estate investors. Both CREW and NAIOP hols seminars on commercial real estate financing in the San Antonio area, and CMBS loans can actually save investors and developers tens of thousands of dollars, in comparison to traditional lending programs. Our CMBS loans offer San Antonio, TC commercial real estate investors a number of benefits, such as:

  • Financing ranging from $3 million to over $100 million
  • Non-recourse financing
  • LTV up to 80 percent
  • Amortization schedules up to 30 years
  • Fixed-rate terms up to 10 years
  • Cash out on refinancing up to max LTV/DSCR thresholds

CMBS Loans In San Antonio, TX Can Be Used For A Wide Range Of Properties

CMBS loans can be applied to a number of different property types in San Antonio, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Office space
  • Multifamily rentals
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Self storage

What Are CMBS Loans?

CMBS loans are rarely offered by lenders outside of major Wall Street firms and banks. The lending channels are frequently limited by internal rules as to the amounts they can provide to borrowers. Unless borrowers have a long and robust history of working with specific firms, getting access to CMBS loans can be very challenging. Wexum takes a much different approach to CMBS loans in San Antonio, TX. We see how commercial real estate investors are turning properties into lucrative ventures, and revitalizing entire communities in the San Antonio area, which draws in more commerce and residents. By using CMBS loans, San Antonio commercial real estate investors and property developers get efficient and affordable financing to keep their projects on track, without the delays associated with traditional lending institutions.

How CMBS Loans In San Antonio, TX Benefit Commercial Real Estate Investors

With CMBS loans in San Antonio, Texas, commercial mortgage backed securities are placed into a pool, and are held by groups of private lenders, or firms. The value of the commercial mortgage backed securities are then drawn upon to finance other commercial real estate transactions. By the very nature of CMBS loans, they are usually only offered by high-profile firms to preferred clients. However, Wexum has the capital reserves and partnerships with these exclusive firms to provide CMBS loans in San Antonio. Investors see the potential profitability in the San Antonio commercial real estate markets, and are willing to expand their own financing capabilities to meet the needs of local investors and developers. CMBS loans from Wexum are being used for everything from multifamily apartments to shopping centers, hotels, healthcare facilities, and everything in between.

The Best CMBS Loans In San Antonio, TX

As Wexum, we offer the most comprehensive and accessible CMBS loans in San Antonio, TX. Whether you are looking to purchase and renovate a storefront, build a hotel, expand medical offices, or provide multifamily residences, we can help. Contact our offices today at 512-646-0902 to learn more about CMBS loans in San Antonio, as well as our other commercial real estate financing solutions