Consumer Credit Delivered to Your Customers

If you are looking into offering your customers financing options, then you probably already know that this will not only help you cater to a new customer base that likely couldn’t have afforded your goods and services before, you’ll be giving your current customers options that will encourage them to return and spend more. That is because consumers have a much easier time deciding on large purchases when they already know and understand where their financing will be coming from. What you might not realize is that you can offer a consumer financing program that is easy for you to run.

Wexum’s Consumer Financing Program

When you work with us to set up credit for your customers, you gain access to a program with these features in place and readily implemented:

  • Credit granted to those with a 625 or higher FICO score
  • E-signature and instant credit approval
  • Funding for purchases up to $10,000 and more
  • Tiered pricing and flexible terms
  • Incentive programs for your customers (e.g. “six months same as cash”)

Build Your Business by Offering Credit

There is nothing quite like offering your customers credit while trying to close the sale. It will almost certainly increase your volume of business. No other program manages to appeal to both new and returning customers in quite the same way. Contact Wexum to learn more.