Loans and Leasing Options to Fit Your Specific Situation

When your business is looking for the best equipment financing solutions available, you need to work with a trusted advisor. At Wexum we will work hard to help you find your way, while at the same time allowing you to stay focused on running your day-to-day operations.

At Wexum, we have a national network of financial partners who can make sure you have the equipment you need and in a timely fashion.


When you need to purchase the equipment needed to successfully run your business, Wexum can help you gain access to funding between $1 million and $20 million. We have lending partners who are actively looking to finance assets such as the following:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Tractors, trucks and trailers
  • Corporate aircraft
  • Marine facilities based equipment
  • Oil & Gas and mining equipment


Whether it be for the attractive tax treatment, or the fact that your business or one of its owners might have a less than perfect, leasing might be the best fit for you. At times, leasing is actually a better alternative to owning. So whether you need a few hundred thousand or a few million dollars worth of equipment, Wexum and its affiliates will help you figure out whether leasing makes the most sense for you and your company.


Sometimes, your equipment financing needs are about more than just acquiring new or used equipment or machinery. It may be about accessing the equity you already have built up in your existing equipment to address an immediate opportunity or need for working capital. When that happens, it might be as easy as selling your machinery and leasing it back. Wexum has direct access to sources who can fund transactions up to $30 million.

Business Startups

When your business has been operating for less than two years, it can often be difficult to find a creditor who is willing to provide you with the financing necessary to purchase or lease the equipment your company needs to deliver on the promises made to its customers. Wexum has lending partners who are willing to take a serious look at your situation and particularly if the business owners have some relevant industry experience.

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