Wexum Can Help You Obtain the Healthcare Financing You Need

Wexum helps one of America’s largest industries succeed. We have affiliates who will finance everything from the acquisition of a skilled nursing facility, to the purchase or lease of the equipment necessary to run a successful veterinary clinic, to a line of credit for a dental practice. Deal size from $50 thousand to $10 million or more. Below you find just a few possible uses of your new found capital.

Partner Buyouts and Practice Acquisitions

Whether a partner is retiring and you want to by him or her out, or you simply want to protect and increase your patient pool by acquiring a competitor’s practice, we can help you find the funds necessary to do so.

Equipment Purchases and Leasing

It is no secret that medical facilities often need large pieces of equipment and high-tech machinery in order to diagnose and deliver the treatment their patients need. Wexum can help you find the right type and source of funds, along with flexible payment terms.

Working Capital

Wexum has lending partners who can offer advances against future deposits up to 100% of your practice’s average monthly deposits. When you need quick access to working capital, including a standing line of credit with drawdown capabilities and flexible repayment terms, we can help pair you with a financial partner you can depend on time-and-time again.

Refinance and Debt Consolidation

Reduce the amount of time you spend handling finances by refinancing and consolidating your debt. Improve your cash flow and enjoy a single payment at the same time.

A Trusted Advisor

Contact Wexum today to discuss your immediate and long-term medical financing needs.