Get an Unsecured  Line of Credit at Wexum

When your small business needs a line of credit, call Wexum and gain access to the capital you need to protect and grow your business. We have affiliates who provide start-ups and other small business owners with unsecured (no collateral needed) business lines of credit.

When You’re Just Starting Out

Any new business venture is obviously risky, but a line of credit can be an entrepreneur’s  lifeline. If you have good personal credit, it may not matter how long you have been in business and whether your business is profitable yet. Wexum may be able to help you secure an unsecured credit line of up to $100 thousand.

For Established Businesses

If you have been in business long enough to have a steady revenue stream, you can probably qualify for a larger line of credit. For established businesses with revenues of over $500 thousand, credit lines of over $100 thousand are possible.

Minimum Requirements

  • No bankruptcies
  • Very few late payments
  • No accounts in collection
  • No criminal record
  • Low revolving credit utilization
  • Five plus year credit file

NOTE: Asset-based lines of credit (i.e. backed by collateral), with much higher limits and better overall terms, are also available through Wexum.

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Do not let your small business fail for lack of access to working capital. Let us see if we can help.